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Link: http://dextro.org/
Nachname: Dextro.org
Land: Austria
Über die Künstlerin/den Künstler:

Dextro.org is a web project by Austrian graphic designer, coder and painter Walter Gorgosilits (Dextro). It started in 1994, as t0.or.at/dextro on Konrad Beckers server netbase.t0 in Vienna. A year later it was transferred to silverserver, then as dextro.org. Dextro.org is among the earliest net-art-projects in the world. It now contains about 450, mostly generative works programmed from scratch using non-linear (not fractal, not random) code. In 2013 a new section containing paintings (oils on canvas) of code-generated images was added.


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