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SOMETHING HAPPENED (2007) is influenced by Natalia Ginzburg's novel É stato così (1947) but takes up neither the plain literary style of the book nor follows the plot accurately. Instead, Cytter's film gives way to an almost pathetic plea for empathy, comparable to the current interest within popular culture in dramatising the extremities of every day reality. The movie shows a domestic conflict between two lovers, but the main message that is conveyed is of the artificiality of their dialogue. The actors constantly have to repeat their lines and Cytter controls their behavior by being highly selective with the lines that are transmitted to the viewer and with those that remain obscure. Through a playful use of timing, editing and camera angles the narrative balances in its depiction between a Hollywood 'tearjerker' and a 'behind the scenes' documentary. Cytter leads it to a troubling climax.


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