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For The Room (2003), I tried to map out the connection between the physical-clinical existence of humans and the private world they simultaneously occupy by exploring a universe in which reality blends with dreams and the imaginative with intimate nostalgia. I try, always try, to create a space where I can probe my identities vis-a-vis the world around me. Using a wide range of media, I often attempt to explore the world of illusion against a backdrop of memory, a memory that is nearly always based on reality.
By sensing and exploring the metaphysical world that lies hidden beneath the physical, I attempt to bring the unseen into visual space. In this way, I came to perceive the existence of a metaphorical room that lies within the physical body, a room that reflects a much bigger one that lies outside of the body, one that represents society, with all the customs, traditions, conventions and factors that condition it.
When I think of displacement as a state, what comes to my mind is not the physical displacement caused by the boundaries that separate societies, but rather the schisms endured by the human entity that moves about with all its contradictions, dreams, emotions and sentiments, a representation of society and all of its variables.
Displacement for me is the transformation of man from his own self to another state, a state in which his body is reduced to a mere shell; inside the shell, a metamorphosis takes place, during which a total separation of elements happens: the external physical shape is detached from its content, long-lived dreams from reality. Man becomes a stranger not only to the outer world but to his dismantled self as well.


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