Medien copia de la copia (de la copia)

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Watching movies has always played in my life a role more important than just escapism - growing up in a small town in stifling Catholic and toxic heteronormative Poland, I found a source of knowledge, political ambivalence, and pleasure in watching films. I worked with this affective package in my "PhD in Practice" project on queering/remixing Polish films (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna), and it also became the starting point for "copia de la copia (de la copia)". The film contains quotes from more than 20 films made in Poland in 1952-1989, along with samples from film soundtracks, music tracks, and elsewhere (vintage gay porn movies, music and home video films, social media clips). Completed in Vienna during a covid-19 semi-lockdown, the film conjures my teenage affects and tells them as a blurry and fragmented autobiographical story, simultaneously reacting to the current socio-political situation in Poland, with its "LGBT free zones", violation of democracy, police brutality, and state censorship.


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