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In Zusammenarbeit mit Günter Stöger.

The setting04_0006, as well as the blindspot project as a whole, explores the non-linear interface between humans and non-humans in the ecotone created by the transitional boundary between laboratory space and the space outside-of-the-laboratory. Gestures are part of laboratory life, as are objects and scientists. A number of approaches under the umbrella of blindspot examined the perception of spaces when humans were removed and objects assumed centre-stage. The object created an unambiguous and sharp language conveying new meaning and an alien identity to the laboratory space. In setting04_0006 both the human entities and the objects were eliminated. Only gestures remained, creating a continuous and complex sequence of movement. The repetition of a complex sequence of movement creates a primordial pantomime. However, at closer look, there is an intrinsic complexity in the movement. Due to the absence of external references and structural principles one observes in gestures accompanying language, the whole sequence is rapidly lost acquiring a rather crude and unsettling character of expression. They are little more than stochastic short sequences of movement. Ultimately meaningless. Yet, minimal contextual elements are still present: gloves, a white coat. Traces and clues that remind the viewer that this is part of a bigger picture, that was deliberately left out of each frame.


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