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Nives Widauer's video Philosoccer takes as its point of departure the ritual line up of teams for the singing of their national anthems just prior to the start of international soccer matches. Using footage taken during the 2004 European championship, the camera tracks across the faces of the players sing along while others just stare into space or look blankly  into camera. One wonders what goes through these player's minds, perhaps they are gathering their energies or taking a final moment to focus before the intensity of the match, whose outcome is not yet known.
Into this ritual pause, Widauer literally inserts new voices and ideas. She edits out the original soundtrack of national anthems and replaces them with apohorisms and philosophical musings. The resulting video plays on a slapstick disjunction between philosophical text and well-known sport ritual, while it also allows for a psychological projection in which the viewer reads the evidently false soundtrack a relating to the real psychological states of the players.


Kategorien: Film und Video


AT : Österreich


2007 / 2008


engl. Ton




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